Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Train (Selamat Jalan) , Jan 7, 2009

On Monday, Jan 4, 2009 after coming back from Hajj with flu and cough my Uncle Abdullah Omar passed away after few days at Putrajaya Hospital. It was really unexpected and sudden for us in the family. Allahyarham was my arwah Abah’s cousin and we have met couple of times at Faisal’s house at BSP.

Yesterday, my very good friend Tam sent me a message that his beloved Kak Teh was in a very critical condition at Seremabn Hospital after a experiencing a stroke there days before. She had been in come since then and at around 1340 the same day I received another message from Tam bearing the sad news of the passing of Kak Teh. Kak Teh was dear to all of us that stayed at Tam’s place at Kuala Klawang for at least a week, I stayed almost a month, to help to organize her grand wedding. The wedding was one of the best that I had ever involved in. You could see all the kompung folks came together to help out with kayu basah, clearing the place, cooking and arranging for all sorts of cultural and religious events. If I were at any wedding and remember this best wedding definitely would remind and connect me to Kak Teh.

I would be the first person to admit that I am never good at accepting and dealing with death. For both deaths I was just numbed hearing and thinking about them. I just do not know how to react. When I called Tam words, let alone proper words, hardly came out from my mouth. I was not there to send both Pak Cik Omar and Kak The ‘off’. Even if I were I would not know how to deal with it. But deep down inside I know I did a proper one for both of them. My own way. May Allah Bless both of you and place you together with the soul that is loved by Allah.

What I have learned with this experience is that deep profound feeling towards something will immediately create certain connection and context to some of the deepest knowledge within you.

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