Monday, January 4, 2010

On The Train, Dec 24, 2009

I have been away most weekends in December and tomorrow will be the longest until year end. My days on the train have been somewhat different as well. Much more thinking and photo editing. I was just not in the mood to write anything and nothing could push me to do so. I just felt I was brain tired, lucky not brain dead, and rather spend my times creating different kinds of dopamines.

A lot of new things that I have learned though. The reality of KM and the state of my understanding change with it. Nevertheless I am on more firm ground now. My new understanding provokes me to want to go out to talk to people again. As if reading my brain invitations came in after one another. I’ll try my best to honor them. That means 2010 will see the old Ghaz preaching new improved thinking with more vigor and passion.

Tomorrow means it has been a year since I broke my clavicle cycling at FRIM. I won’t be going back there tomorrow but to drive home.

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