Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On The Train, Aug 28, 2009

It is Friday and a three day weekend coning in the month of Ramadhan what will you get in KTMB’s commuter service in the evening?

A long chain of sardine can that they called a Komuter train service.

At Bandar Tasek Selatan Station those on the platform started to push in and someone, a lady, inside the train yelled, ‘ Tak tahu sempit ke jangan tolak geramnya akuuuuu.’ I was tempted to sing ‘ Geran jangan enkau geram, Geram, geram, Geram bermacam ragam’. Loudly just to enlighten the atmosphere. He he he the song is an old song by the Black Dog Bone

This year's Merdeka celebration would only be a small celebration due to the fasting month. If not on 31st Aug I would be somewhere with my camera taking photos of the parade or something. So my Merdeka celebration this year would be doing my chores at home and maybe going down to Melaka in the evening

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aliff muhammad said...

Selamat Hari Merdeka Che Bond! :)

Ikan sardin ikan tamban
Jagan lupa sos tomato
Naik tren pergi Seremban
Dah begitu apo nak dikato!