Saturday, May 10, 2008

On The Train, May 9, 2008

At the rate KTMB being clobbered in the news the last few days I would not be surprise that the management of KTMB are restless now. Maybe some of them are ready to resign. Well, actually no, this is not Japan or Korea when responsibility and accountability are the mainstream culture for them. It would be out of order if we were to find them, I am sure they are, laughing at the news and passing their critiques as nuisance and do not know what they were talking about. As usual I am in a packed Friday evening train home now. I am late actually. Very late considering I still need to pack my things for a long distance journey early tomorrow. Very late also because I am suppose to meet my friends for our reunion meeting.

A group of school girls in their uniform are talking aloud behind me. Well they are just being young girls. At their age I did the same thing and worse. From their conversation they are from middle class family and probably going home to Seremban.

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