Thursday, March 13, 2008

On The Train, Mac 12, 2008

I just got on the train after witnessing the best watercolor art I have ever seen so far. The cheapest priced at RM65K was way, way beyond me and I was standing speechless admiring all of them. I remarked to my colleague that I exhausted my superlatives salivating at them. Looking around the gallery of course I probably look like and old misplaced man with all the up-market and trendy clients or precisely art lovers. I gather most of them were either businessmen or high level corporate executive. Maybe none of them can afford one either but that beside the point as all the painting on display were already sold out. Just imagine spending RM65 on a painting. But then if it is Chang Fee Ming’s I guess worth all the RMs. If you are not a collector, a buyer could be a speculator or investor. Somehow I assumed some of the sold ones were the case as the original buyer hoping some could not control his or her urge to top the price he paid for.

So there I was on the platform at KL Sentral still reminiscing about the painting. The persistent announcer kept on interrupting my reverie with her incorrect announcement about the train arrival. I was really pissed by that. In trying to be helpful she actually successful in annoying me. In this case misinformation is worse than not giving anything. There were a lot of people waiting but I was lucky to get a seat when I boarded. Another good fortune for the day – seeing the light at the end of my project’s tunnel, my daughter with her good result, the pleasure of admiring Chang Fee Ming;s masterpieces and this make a day of a man that has been under attack and pressure for quite a while. Tomorrow yet another day…

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