Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On The Train, Feb. 6, 2008

KTMB failed us yet again and this time I considered big-time. I came down to the platform around 1900 and I had to wait until almost 2020 for the train. The reason ‘technical problem’, yes that magic words again, at Kuang station. Being the eve of Chinese New Year the domino effect, chain reaction or whatever you want to call it was no-brainer. It was beyond sardine can when I boarded at Bank Negara station and you could imagine the crowds at KL and KL Sentral stations respectively. Chaotic to say the least and I witnessed the most inconsiderate Malaysians today. But the most inconsiderate most of all are the people seating on the management seats of KTMB. What I failed to understand is how they time and time again failed in their service. Although they made the necessary announcement not to warn or alert the commuters they have not learned fast enough. As I said before they have big problem in managing knowledge. To the credit of most of the commuters once they were on the train I saw made the best effort to smile. But a lot, no doubt, still cursing KTMB big-time.

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