Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Day 1, April 25, 2013, Thursday
Senandung Mutiara
Departure: 2300
Coach M7 Berth17-24

We have been planning for this trip for years already. Every time we set to go, there’s always something to stop us on the track, political unrest, flood, epidemic, etc. We have been very patient waiting for the day we can do it. This year we decided to grab the first opportunity that we get. Now we are finally doing it. We are now on the train to Bangkok via Butterworth. Unfortunately Kakak cannot go with us due to her college commitment. We are comfortable in our second class sleeping berth on Senandung Mutiara Express. Tomorrow we will be taking the 2.45pm Butterworth-Bangkok Express for our longest train journey so far as a family. Frankly, I was more excited to be taking the train and be on the train to Bangkok rather than going to Bangkok.

I arrived at KL Sentral at 7.21 pm, half an hour after my family. I thought of leaving the office late but the Maybank online system was down for me to do some banking chores. I changed into my favourite traveling attire at the restroom and walked out of the office. The cold weather accompanied my walk to the station with my mind still lingered about works. Work will never end I said to myself and this is the time to enjoy your family holidays. After all I have been planning for this one for a while already. The Komuter ride to KL Sentral was a bit more meaningful knowing that the ride is the beginning of a longer one.  The longest for the family but not for me.

Being very early has its setback. We had to wait longer for our 11pm train to Butterworth. Even with all the things we had to do we still had a lot of times to kill. We started with having sandwiches at the Subway, then the surau, stopped at the money changer to buy some Bath and then we went in to wait at the McD. We loitered there until we were really bored sitting and went up to the waiting area about an hour before boarding. The train as usual was late ha ha ha even at the starting line. We finally boarded at 11.15pm.

The first leg of our train journey is already familiar to all of us. We had taken it for a couple of times already. My plan is to sleep through this one ha ha ha. Good night everyone!

Photos for Day 1 and 2 could be viewed here

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