Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On The Train (Walking and Serendipity), June 24, 2011

I was walking to my new office this morning, it is a bit farther then the usual walk, and as usual I was reading at the same time. The competency that I had mastered after 8 years of doing it. I knew it already what walking can do to you. Apart from it being good physically it is also good for the mind to relax and sometimes reflect and ponder. Most of us take walking for granted now. Kids hardly walk now as there were sent or driven to school effectively from a door step to another door step. All through out their life they had it easy so the thought of walking for 10 minutes to our new building is definitely a big hoo hahh to them. But they are missing a lot. What they really not getting is the opportunity to reflect and discover new things as the mind is induce into thinking and processing all the knowledge that we have. The walk, the surrounding where we walk, the trees, people and whatever else we see and experience along the way are triggers. Triggering you to recreate or create new knowledge as you walk. If one even more relax even more could be gained.

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