Monday, October 11, 2010

A Place of Possibilities

It is so easy to say there is no life after staying 4 days or a week in a place like Cameron Highland if you were born and breed in the city.

I was sitting in the resort’s restaurant alone having breakfast when I contemplated this while looking out of the window watching the day breaking in. You will miss a lot of things if you are not looking and just passing by. Age and the fact that I am a kampong boy at heart brought a feeling of sadness and loneliness to me suddenly. I do not mind at all if I were to retire at a place like this. Life is much slower compounded by the breezy weather outside.

I just got back from our early morning photo shoot at Bharat Tea Plantation. Being there got me in the mood to be a bit sentimental. When I sat there I realized that it was not just that but also what I needed and could possibly be I had nailed down my purpose and values in life. It is definitely a good place to think and write. I just could pick either one of the Bharat’s or Boh’s plantations and I would be contented. Who knows I might pick up drawing seriously again. Being a kampong boy I could relive my childhood days of vege farming as well. With the Bertam Valley route to Raub open now there are all possibilities.  One hour to Ipoh via Simpang Pulai, two hours to Raub and four hours to KL

I have my bicycle with me as well. So far I have done the Brinchang, the golf course and Tanah Rata loop twice. In fact I looped the golf course three times in between. Sipping my coffee I thought going all the way up to the Equatorial Hotel at Kea Farm the next day. That would be a blast going up and exhilarating coming down at faster speed with my face hitting the cool air.

In the end, a week up at Cameron Highland prove to be meaningful for me, both professionally as well as personally as far as my life is concern.

The photos below.

CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, CH 7, Flowers and Fruits

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