Friday, August 6, 2010

Masjid India and the Vicinity

After years of ignoring the Masjid India area, well I do not have any good reason why I should be there, last week I was there passing through for five consecutive days. I was attending a five day course in the vicinity.  Up until that day I did not know that there is a Maytower Hotel and Apartments in KL and let alone in Masjid India area. 

Walking through the area was indeed a new discovery. Gone are the days of mischievous if not really nasty neighborhood where hoodlums making it their den for almost any form of illegal activities. I felt really safe walking there and the existence of Mydin and Jakel bringing out more family atmosphere. It was really a nice surprise for me. the area now is a worthy tourist site offering more credible and clean three star hotels like Maytower. Being close to the Masjid Jamek LRT station is definitely useful and helpful. Jalan Melaka had been one of the banking street in Kuala Lumpur but ever since the collapse of Bank Bumiputra the area never recovered from the set back. A curse as it may seems but that is the reality for me. Thinking about it I guess it is the nature of a city like KL where events, positive or negative, will change the make up, environment and one’s perception of a place. I live long enough to see the transformation.

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