Monday, July 5, 2010

Innovation - Robert B. Tucker. Istana Hotel, June 28, 2010

Over the weekend I visited iCity at Shah Alam with my family. My daughter asked me what is the ‘i’ in the iCity stand for? I started to play with the letter ‘i’ to get myself to decipher what word it represents. Of course it is ‘i’ for Innovation, Innovation city. Their intention is good but I am not sure the implementation is right. At first when I saw the light trees there I thought they were made out of LCD or LED lights. On closer look they were from different sizes of normal light bulbs. Well they were still creative but I am not sure I could say innovative as well.

Today I attended a ‘Guru Talk on Innovation’ and the Guru was Robert B. Tucker. Well, I reserved my comment of the guru thing.

According to the ‘Guru’

Lightning might strike but you need to work at being innovative and a certain framework and processes need to be in place for it to happen. You could guess that the Guru came with his trademarked framework. No, I have no complaint on that but if we were to be honest with ourselves it is quiet common and the bottomline is to do it. Lets walk the innovation talk.

According to materials provided the best practices for innovation
  1. Making innovation a systematic process
  2. Implementation idea management system
  3. Collaboration with stakeholders
  4. Creating metrics and measures
  5. Involving everyone in the organization
In the business world there are three types of Innovation from the perspective of Products, Process, Strategy and they are;
  • Breakthrough
  • Substantial
  • Incremental
One thing I like most about being innovative is the statement ‘Innovation is about collaborating and collaborating is additive’.

Robert shared with us what he thinks as the required innovation skills.
  1. Embracing opportunities
  2. Be a good collaborator, leaders in Collaboration
  3. Assault your assumptions - Become aware of your own assumptions, Ask five ‘why’ questions, Ask for a 3rd option, Look for solutions outside your industry, Invite yourself to think bigger
  4. Passion for the stakeholders
  5. Think ahead of the curve and the tools are Technological, Demographic, Social, Economics, Environmental, Regulatory
Take Home Values
  • Look for patterns of change
  • Audit your information diet
  • Do ‘ deep dives’ on emerging issues
  • Improve your networking skills
  • Host ‘all things considered’ meetings
  • Fortify your idea factory
  • Harvest for ideas
  • Identify what gets your creative juices flowing
‘All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist when they grow up.’ - Pablo Picasso


Alyaa Abdul Rahman said...

i've read tun mahathir's comments on innovation (read abt it in his blog) can't help but to agree with else should we encourage this? Culture? Mindset?..suddenly i'm being emo pulak...

Ghaz said...

Ala Faiz I bukan baru satu hari kenal youkan. Memang you senang terusik jiwakan :))))