Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seminar KM: Reality or Myth, Feb 10, 2010, UMP Kuantan, Pahang

The opening went short and sweet as it should be. We know Malaysians tend to overdoing things to be too ceremonial.

Morning Session

Dato Pak Ray kicked off the morning session. Being the ‘old’ usual Pak Ray he flew away with his ever funny and impromptu punchlines. He touches on the basic framework and issues on KM. Of the 8 key focus of knowledge management practice. measuring knowledge is the most difficult and challenging Then following his Cik Cek Rosnah Ngah from UMT shared her perspective of her early research on the subject. Both papers gave a good perspective of KM to those new to the subject. both agreed that it is not a myth but something very real that the library community need to look at very seriously. To me the participants need to understand properly what KM is and what it means to them and their profession. If we are very serious about it more frequent get together and knowledge sharing need to take place. Especially on the realignment of the new development in the subject area. Opportunity for KMC @ SK to develop a program in this direction.

Evening Session

Prof Madya Dr Wan Maseri started the evening session with her perspective and experience on Knowledge Management System. Conceptually she covered most what it should be with her latest project with MKM as a case study. Listening to her and looking at the templates she used brought a sense of deja vu to me. They were all seems very familiar to me. My presentations and works in the early days came in full cycle. It was a nice feeling. I ended the day program by sharing our KBO journey and experience. At the end of it everybody were a bit quiet. I am not sure whether they understood what I said or confused. I’d like it to be positive and it was the former.

Overall to me the one day seminar was a success and something that we should od more often now.

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