Thursday, December 18, 2008

On The Train, Dec. 17, 2008

My wife complaint loudly about my not updated blog the other day and I have no reason to rebut her as indeed I had been neglecting it. Her complaint was also due to my stories that, not only her, but the rest of my family want to read. Although they were there when most of the incidences happened they still would want to read my perspective I guess.

Well we just came back from our short holidays and something happened at KL Sentral on the early morning of Dec. 15, 2008. After years or agony, frustration, and anger I blew my top at KL Sentral. No thanks to the disservice and attitude of KTMB staff. Suffice to say not I really hit the roof that morning. The detail will come in a complete write-up later. I hope soon :)). For now this and the old write-up about last year’s trip will do.

I was a bit surprise that the train is still packed going home. I thought most people would be on leave already. I guess most of them would be away next week.

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